What is Toumake?

Toumake is the first Tourism Destination Management Multi-User Platform that provides clear solutions for everyone. Expand

Toumake unites DMOs and all stakeholders in a tourism ecosystem with tour operators and tourists and accompanies your destination in the national and international tourism markets. Toumake provides the necessary tools to improve and strengthen the competitiveness of your destination and gives everyone the opportunity to have a leading role.

Monitor, plan and improve your destination

Toumake gives all tourism stakeholders the possibility to interact using our unique data processing board. Expand

You can constantly monitor your own performance and those of your entire destination. This creates real time data that becomes an important decision making tool for Destination Management as a whole and the decision making process of individual stakeholders. Toumake gives you the opportunity to know tourism demand in advance and implement specific marketing efforts to improve customer satisfaction. You can check the performance of your services and cooperate with other companies to enhance the development of your destination.

Increase bookings in your destination through our B2B and B2C booking systems

Toumake allows you to book, not just hotels but all other forms of tourism services, from transport and restaurants, to tour guides, tickets and local experiences. Expand

Thanks to the ability to directly contact tourist companies, you can organise new destinations and personalise trips according to your customers' needs Every destination has the opportunity to customise every aspect of its offer to better cater to and satisfy the needs of tourists. Tour operators in the platform will be able to sell tourist services individually or organise them into tour packages.